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Federal Research and Development
Tax Credit Consultancy

Businesses that take advantage of R&D tax credits have more financial resources that they can invest in growth and expansion. They produce more technical jobs, improve their products and services, and maintain a healthy competitive advantage in their industries.

Tri-Merit supports small- and mid-sized businesses by helping them take full advantage of R&D tax credits. We extend our R&D credit services to various industries, including engineering firms, architecture organizations, manufacturers, software tech companies, and more. We enable you to gather the information that supports your application for tax credits.

Similarly, we provide outsourced R&D tax credit consulting services to small, independent CPA firms. With our expertise, you are better-placed to offer high-level financial services to your clientele.

Our Approach

Our research and development tax consultants employ a two-pronged approach in R&D tax credit consultation.

Extensive Data Collection

Tri-Merit has built a reputation for extensive data collection. With a firm grasp of qualified research activities, our consultants interview appropriate personnel in your business to gather information about possibly qualified activities. We also request pre-existing documents that can be used to support your claims.

Our tax credit consultants check your initiatives against a stringent list of criteria to ensure that the final roster of research activities hold up against an IRS audit.

Non-Intrusive Information Gathering

Despite our extensive data gathering, our team follows a systematic approach, so we don’t disrupt your daily operations. Our information gathering is a time-saving endeavor; we don’t follow irrelevant leads. We only probe activities and request internal reports that will support your claims.

Tri-Merit conducts the consultation swiftly and efficiently, using a minimal amount of resources and exhausting all initiatives possible to provide the best-engineered tax services for your unique situation.

With Tri-Merit, you will avoid:

Unnecessarily High Fees

Losing Great Clients

Lack of Responsiveness

Dissatisfied Clients

Poor Audit Results

Inefficient Processes

You deserve an R&D Tax Credit & Cost Segregation Partner You Trust.

Our Consultation Services

Our R&D consultation services include:

Feasibility Analysis

As part of its standard phase one feasibility analysis, Tri-Merit examines the company’s ability to capitalize on the credit. An initial feasibility analysis saves valuable time by identifying potential problems before the company commits to a full study.

Organizational Review

Before we begin collecting information about qualified R&D initiatives, Tri-Merit reviews the client’s organizational structure, so we know which departments are involved in research and development, outsourced services, and collaboration with third-party research institutions. We identify key personnel who can provide the most insight into the organization’s research activities, too.

Data Collection

Our consultants refer to relevant personnel and departments to gather reports that can be used for tax credit calculation. We procure documents that detail the nature of R&D activities undertaken by the organization. On top of that, we gather existing documents that can support R&D tax credit claims.

If the Tri-Merit team is brought in to defend an audit, we will work with government agencies on your behalf. If there are requested documents or clarifications, we will be the ones to follow up.

Presentation of Deliverables

As the final documentation in support of the credit claims, Tri-Merit prepares full engineering reports to document and substantiate the full federal and state credits being claimed.

From the data we have collected, we generate a comprehensive report that also details the data collection methodology, prepare the necessary tax credit forms and work with each company’s CPA to ensure all documentation is delivered in time to prepare the year’s tax returns. Moreover, we serve as a point of contact with government agencies until tax credits are approved.

Partner with Tri-Merit

Tri-Merit provides R&D consultation services that help you identify business activities that qualify for R&D tax credits. Our team boasts:

Advanced Technical Expertise

Our consultants have a firm grasp of state and federal R&D tax credit qualifications.

Seamless Processes

Whether you’re a company looking to take advantage of R&D tax credits, or a CPA firm looking for consultancy services, we align our processes with yours.

Reliable and Transparent Methodologies

We’re transparent and reliable, so our final deliverables can hold up to stringent IRS audits.

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Download our 8-point checklist for finding the right federal tax credit consultant to help with your business needs

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