Our Specialty Tax Services

Tri-Merit is your partner in reducing the tax burden of your clientele. We also extend our services to businesses that need sound advice regarding taxation, credits, and deductions.

Our Services

Our team offers a wide array of specialty tax services that are focused on engineering, software development, manufacturing, and financial institutions. We also offer consultations for the 179D and 45L Green Building Tax Incentives.

R&D Tax Credit

Our team probes you or your clients’ research activities that could qualify for R&D tax credits. We interview key personnel and request pre-existing reports to calculate the claims. With a firm grasp of credit qualifications, we exhaust all activities that could be included in R&D tax credits to maximize your tax savings.

Cost Segregation

Tri-Merit evaluates you or your clients’ assets to determine which portions can be allocated to categories with shorter tax lives. These assets then acquire a higher depreciation, which in turn decreases the taxable income.

Our team produces a cost seg report that contains the information needed to calculate you or your client’s accelerated depreciation deductions.

CPE Training for CPA

Increase your firm’s competence by providing continuing professional education (CPE) to your accountants. Tri-Merit provides complimentary CPE training that focuses on performing tax studies, supporting credit claims, and preparing for IRS audits, among others.

Tri-Merit provides CPE training in two formats: live and online training. Our live training is executed by tax specialists, who create hands-on experiences for your accountants. If your CPAs prefer online training, they can access our webinars anytime, anywhere.

Tax Credit Consultation

Tri-Merit provides consultation services for specialty tax services. We will help your business or CPA firm calculate tax credits and deductions. We’ll also pool documents and reports needed to substantiate claims.

Partner with Tri-Merit Today

Work with Tri-Merit today, and you have the peace of mind that your tax credits and deductions can hold up against the most stringent IRS audit. Our team maximizes your or your clients’ tax savings while requiring minimal effort on your part.

We’re the trusted specialty tax experts because our team:

  • Boasts Advanced Technical Expertise – Tri-Merit has a detailed understanding of the latest IRS rules and regulations as applied to various industries. Whether you need assistance in R&D tax credits or cost seg studies, trust Tri-Merit to deliver quality work.
  • Makes Everything Easier –With a streamlined and systematic tax preparation method, Tri-Merit makes it incredibly easy to reduce your or your clients’ tax burden. Whether you’re a CPA firm looking to outsource or a company that needs tax experts, we will align our processes with yours.
  • Assumes the Risk – Tri-Merit assumes the risk and will defend your study if an audit should occur.

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