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When it comes to outsourcing R&D tax credit and cost segregation studies, you want a partner who is flexible and will work with you the way you want to work.

You want a partner who has the technical expertise to identify all the opportunities available to your clients.

You want a partner who honors their relationship with you and keeps the lines of communication open throughout the process.

You want a partner like Tri-Merit.

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Reinforce your role as trusted advisor.

Firm partners and staff receive free CPE training and continuing support so they can be the ones to bring new ideas to your clients first.

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Bring in the technical experts.

Having Tri-Merit’s engineers, CPAs and attorneys on your team means you and your clients get a solid work product, and don’t have to worry about the risk of audit.
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We put your clients first.

Our R&D and cost segregation studies are efficient, thorough and cost-effective, giving you peace of mind that your clients’ best interest is the top priority.

Staying a Step Ahead of the Competition, Sometimes Means Changing Your Course

As a CPA, you know the value in planning and implementing strategies that will pay off down the line. When it comes to outsourcing specialty tax services, it can be difficult to admit when a partner is no longer in sync with your needs, and more importantly, the needs of your clients. But, acting quickly and decisively puts you in the driver’s seat – it signals to your clients that you are always looking for the best solutions to their current challenges.

There is no engineering-based tax question too large or too small for Tri-Merit to answer. Technical expertise combined with strong core values and a client-centered approach give you the confidence you need to trust your clients’ business — your business – with Tri-Merit.

When you partner with Tri-Merit, you and your clients get more.

  • Professional services from our team of engineers, CPAs and attorneys
  • A free assessment of eligible credits and incentives—if the company decides not to pursue the credit, they pay nothing
  • Consultation on reducing tax liabilities
  • Review of past returns to recover refunds
  • Updates on current tax code changes and case law related to specialty tax
  • Free audit defense on any claims we file
  • Guidance on the questions to ask and how to talk to your clients about whether they may qualify
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