We help manufacturers of all sizes realize substantial savings through speciality tax credits.

The depth of manufacturing knowledge and experience you receive with Tri-Merit is unsurpassed. Our engineers and CPAs have worked with all types and sizes of manufacturers to assess how the R&D tax credit and cost segregation will improve their cash flow and reduce their tax burden.

From family owned business to some of the largest manufacturers in the country, Tri-Merit has helped companies realize substantial savings. These include companies that specialize in automotive, automation, tool and die, injection molding, plastics, packaging, contract manufacturing, fabrication, medical devices and more. We also work to identify future savings by recommending additional process improvements and reporting functions that meet IRS guidelines—adding an additional layer of protection in case of an audit.

Examples of qualifying activities for manufacturers seeking the R&D tax credit include:

  • Retrofitting existing lines or improving existing techniques
  • Design planning for new processes directly related to manufacturing
  • Equipment related to development and testing of processes or techniques
  • Materials research and testing
  • The design and development of new or improved tooling, fixtures, jigs, gages, etc.
  • Salaries for skilled workers and for contract services
  • Component evaluation process
  • Developing process improvements to reduce scrap rates and improve product quality and process performance

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