How Changes in the World Create Changes in Tax Laws

It might seem difficult to come up with anything that is exciting or interesting about state and local tax (SALT). And what could possibly be new or challenging about it? In this episode, tax lawyer and CPA, Jordan M. Goodman, shares several answers to these questions. In particular, he discusses how changes in the world have a direct and immediate impact on tax laws, and gives examples of new situations that offer opportunities to create new laws. 

Jordan M. Goodman is a partner with the law firm of Horwood Marcus & Berk Chartered who concentrates his practice in state and local tax planning and the resolution of state and local tax controversies for multistate and multinational corporations. He advises businesses in various industries on the tax ramifications and benefits of various organizational structures and has lectured on numerous state and local tax topics before business and professional associations.

“Find your passion, push forward, and do the best you can in it."

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why Jordan knew from the age of six that he would be a tax lawyer
  • A sound piece of career-shaping advice from his father when Jordan was in college
  • What SALT is and why it is important
  • How pizza factored into Jordan becoming a SALT specialist
  • Why Jordan is passionate about SALT
  • An interesting description of SALT as a niche in tax law
  • How Jordan finds business in this highly specialized area
  • What makes the best presentations
  • Why it is difficult to get a tax law case in front of the Supreme Court
  • Why watching Supreme Court cases is fascinating
  • Examples of situations that create changes in SALT
  • How Jordan compares his work to the strategy games he played as a child
  • Why the Quill Corp. case of 1992 was a game-changer
  • The impact of Wayfair on sellers
  • Fun facts about Jordan’s varied hobbies

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