People Power with John Garrett

John Garrett returns to The Unique CPA for episode 62, and he talks to Randy Crabtree about the importance of ensuring that a firm’s people are actually treated like people. The author of What’s Your “And”, John specializes in helping especially CPA firms attract and retain talent by emphasizing the human element and ensuring that a firm’s culture doesn’t just exist, but is thriving and aspirational for its employees.

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About the Guest

John GarrettJohn Garrett helps organizations attract and retain top talent and build stronger relationships with clients and customers. As a keynote speaker, emcee, consultant, and podcast host, he encourages everyone to share their outside of work passions—the very core of the organization’s culture.

John has a varied background, having graduated from one of the top undergraduate business programs at the University of Notre Dame, working as a CPA for both a large public accounting firm and corporate—all while exploring his passion for comedy. John has opened for Louie Anderson, the band Train, has a comedy album on Sirius|XM, and wrote two Emmy-nominated shows. He’s now joined these two lives together, assisting organizations to recognize the expertise their people have beyond college degrees and certifications.

As a professional speaker who has been on stage over 2,000 times, John creates an experience for audiences above and beyond delivering unique content that makes them think about their culture differently. He also consults with a select group of organizations to develop and implement small changes that make a big difference to their bottom line.John’s podcast, What’s Your “And”? has over 300 episodes that shatter the stereotype of what it means to be a professional today and the importance of differentiation in obtaining goals.

Meet the Host

Randy Crabtree, CPA

Randy Crabtree

Randy Crabtree, co-founder and partner of Tri-Merit Specialty Tax Professionals, is a widely followed author, lecturer and podcast host for the accounting profession.

Since 2019, he has hosted the “The Unique CPA,” podcast, which ranks among the world’s 5% most popular programs (Source: Listen Score). You can find articles from Randy in Accounting Today’s Voices column, the AICPA Tax Adviser (Tax-saving opportunities for the housing and construction industries) and he is a regular presenter at conferences and virtual training events hosted by CPAmerica, Prime Global, Leading Edge Alliance (LEA), Allinial Global and several state CPA societies. Crabtree also provides continuing professional education to top 100 CPA firms across the country.

Schaumburg, Illinois-based Tri-Merit is a niche professional services firm that specializes in helping CPAs and their clients benefit from R&D tax credits, cost segregation, the energy efficient commercial buildings deduction (179D), the energy efficient home credit (45L) and the employee retention credit (ERC).

Prior to joining Tri-Merit, Crabtree was managing partner of a CPA firm in the greater Chicago area. He has more than 30 years of public accounting and tax consulting experience in a wide variety of industries, and has worked closely with top executives to help them optimize their tax planning strategies.