The Importance of Being Unique and Taking Risks

Mueller prides itself on always thinking outside the box. This entrepreneurial spirit is perfect given that most of the firm’s clients are unique business owners with unique services and products. In this episode, CEO and President, Dave Nissen, shares some of the many ways in which Mueller’s willingness to be unique has helped the firm to expand and become an international presence while maintaining close relationships with clients. His concentration on strategic planning, business development and firm operations allows Mueller to maintain a long-term and successful focus. Dave has extensive practice experience in accounting, tax, business consulting, and attestation services. 

As the CEO and President of Mueller, Dave Nissen is responsible for communicating and achieving the Firm’s vision. For over 35 years, Dave has worked to develop close relationships with his clients primarily in the manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, professional services, and technology industries. While Dave’s primary role is the leadership of Mueller’s business operational activities, he also spearheads the international business development activities of the firm. This focus has led to provision of services for many foreign subsidiaries on a national level.

"Most people [are] afraid to fail. That paralyzes them...I don’t like to lose, it’s true, but I’m not afraid to lose, there’s a difference. I don’t like it but I’ve won more than I've lost." - Dave Nissen

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why Mueller prides itself on thinking outside the box
  • Why Dave is constantly seeking opportunities for his clients
  • What made Mueller expand to three offices in the Chicago area
  • How Mueller developed an international presence
  • Important factors when considering mergers and acquisitions
  • The role that trust plays in M & A
  • How to make M & A run smoothly
  • Why talent is more a priority than bringing in business when considering M & A
  • How Mueller finds significant tax credits when others might not
  • A discussion of “dumb luck” vs. opportunity
  • A sneak peek at PKF Advisory
  • A fun fact involving Dave, snack carts, and Bailey’s

Featured on the Show:

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