On Saying "Yes" to Unexpected Opportunities and New Challenges

There is something to be said for the pursuit of security and stability, for having a plan and doing your best to stick with it and hope that Life doesn’t throw you any curve balls. But how would you react if you were on that stable path and someone dropped a once-in-a-lifetime, dream-come-true offer of international travel and an exciting career into your lap? Adam Crowson said “yes” when it happened to him, and in this episode, the CEO of Inspired Professionals shares his remarkable journey from “yes” to ultimately creating a fascinating new development program to keep firms motivated, bonded, and thriving.

Adam Crowson is the CEO of Inspired Professionals, cultivating high impact individuals and teams through a development program that instills a greater understanding of self and others while achieving a culture of collective winning for company and clients. Previously, he was CEO at GGI where he maintained and developed the North American region of this international company. With a background in finance, he has always wanted to understand how business motivates and shapes the world in which we live.

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