Boosting Businesses with Terrell Turner

Fractional CFOs are a relatively new, fast-growing, and unique segment of the financial space. Randy talks to Terrell Turner of TLTurner Group, a fractional CFO firm that offers a wide array of services to business owners in various industries. Terrell is also the host of The Business Talk Library podcast, a series of over 200 shows and resources  for business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals.

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About the Guest

Terrell Turner is a Certified Public Accountant and managing partner of the TLTurner Group, providing consulting and training services to make accounting and finance less complicated for business owners and executives. He is also the founder and host of the Business Talk Library, a professional content show that features interviews with CEOs, executives, and Ph.D. researchers in accounting, finance, and various aspects of business.

Prior to launching his firm in 2020, he served in several finance and accounting leadership roles with Ernst & Young, Navistar Inc., General Electric, and Passport Inc. in both North and South America.

Terrell earned his Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Lander University in 2007, and his Master’s in Accountancy from the University of Notre Dame in 2008. He is certified in accountancy by the Commonwealth of Virginia and the State of North Carolina.