Options to Help Firms Thrive

Randy talks with Alan Deichler, president of CPAmerica, about the importance for CPA firms to join associations and networks such as CPAmerica and CPA Connect. They discuss the opportunities these organizations provide for firms to share resources, clients, referrals, knowledge, and more—and most importantly, to build relationships and community.

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About the Guest

Alan DeichlerVeteran sales and marketing executive Alan Deichler serves as president of CPAmerica International, a large association of CPA firms.

Prior to his being named CPAmerica president in 2009, Deichler was chief marketing officer at talent management software provider HRsmart in Richardson, Texas, where he headed worldwide sales and marketing efforts.

Deichler also served as president of Capital Formation Counselors Inc. in Tampa, Florida.

Currently, CPAmerica’s membership stands at 81 large independent firms, representing 1,500 partners in the in the U.S. with billings of $1.3 billion. Its subsidiary association, CPAConnect, has roughly 250 smaller independent firms.