Balancing Health Challenges and Business

You don’t have to be an accountant to know that tax season is their busiest time of year. It can be enough of a challenge to balance home, work and self-care during those months but when a life-threatening condition is thrown into the mix, the wheels can come off in a hurry. In this episode, David Radke shares his experience of having a stroke just as tax season was beginning, and the important factors that came into play to keep the firm – and his recovery – running smoothly.  

David Radke is President and Managing Partner of Williams & Company, as well as being in charge of the Onawa, Iowa office. He joined the firm in 1981 and has several specialties including government and not-for-profit audit and consulting, tax planning and preparation, and city budget preparation and consulting. He is a member of numerous professional associations and serves on various boards and committees in the community.

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