Maximizing Tax Benefits in Business

Tax services and credits are often changed, sometimes in ways that benefit businesses but only when we’re aware of those changes. In this episode, Randy Crabtree, CPA, discusses four areas of special services that could significantly impact how much your clients’ businesses – can save on taxes. 

With more than 30 years of public accounting and tax consulting experience to his credit, Randy Crabtree has worked closely with top company executives on tax planning and preparation engagements. Prior to co-founding Tri-Merit, he was managing partner of a Certified Public Accounting firm. Randy regularly speaks at seminars and accounting conferences. He conducts CPE presentations around the country and has had numerous articles published on specialty tax subjects. Randy also hosts the accounting industry podcast, “The Unique CPA,” which keeps CPAs at the forefront of the changing face of public accounting by having conversations with fascinating leaders, and bringing you their stories, insights and advice.

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