Maintaining Strength and Independence as a Firm

Despite transition being a constant theme in the world and in business, Skeet Haag, Managing Partner of a now 104-year-old firm, has maintained consistency at Reynolds, Bones & Griesbeck, CPAs as have his predecessors. In this episode, Skeet shares some of the firm’s core values as well as the impressive steps that are taken to ensure that everyone in the firm is living them. He also discusses the importance of “right person, right seat” in maximizing productivity and the well-being of both staff and the firm.

Managing Partner Skeet Haag has served his entire career at Reynolds, Bones & Griesbeck, having joined the firm in 1981. Skeet previously served as RBG’s assurance partner, leading RBG’s niche practice areas for manufacturing, distribution, dealerships, and employee benefit plan audits, as well as serving other practice areas such as not-for-profits, real estate companies, and service-based businesses. A driven worker, Skeet’s persistence, work ethic, and years of experience have been the keys to his success. He is also committed to supporting his professional community, and has served many organizations within his local community, including the Wolf River Conservancy, the Kiwanis Club of Memphis, Kiwanis Charities, Inc., and Ave Maria Nursing Home.

"Every single person in the firm gets evaluated based on our core values."

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why the firm chooses to remain independent
  • The best way to transition from partner to managing partner
  • Why “Right person, right seat” is essential to a firm’s success
  • Some of the firm’s core values and the lengths to which the firm goes to live them
  • The results of everyone sitting in a room and evaluating each other on those values
  • Why every person in the firm has a coach and how this is of benefit to all
  • What ownership means as a core value and some examples of why it is essential
  • The difference between internal and external community and why each is important
  • Why the firm encourages all members of staff to feel passionate about something
  • What stewardship means as a core value, as well as in life and business
  • Fun Fact about Skeet and the incredible Wolf River Conservancy

Featured on the Show:

Website | Wolf River Conservancy