Inside the Firm with FBP

On our new Nuts and Bolts series, Randy talks to Tom Parker and Layne Bodily, cofounders of FBP CPA. Tom and Layne started FBP with Tyler Fates in 2020 in Itasca, Illinois, with an eye towards establishing a modern accounting firm. Randy will have Tom, Layne and Tyler on in the future to check on the progress of their firm, and provide insights as to what has worked, what hasn’t, and where the firm is headed as it continues to grow.

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About the Guest

Tom Parker and Layne Bodily co-founded Fates, Bodily & Parker with Tyler Fates in 2020, after the three took over McBeath, Fates & Ivers, P.C. Tom and Layne both served previously as Senior Accountants and Managers at Rozovics Group, LLP. Tom earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Accountancy from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and Layne earned his Bachelor’s in Accounting from Michigan State University and his MSA in Accounting at the University of Chicago.

FBP specializes in customized financial plans for individuals, including tax planning and preparation, wealth management, and IRS services, and also provides bespoke, comprehensive financial services to business and organizational clients. They focus on proactive and continuous communication with the goal of the best client experience possible.