The Truth About Five Generations in One Firm

These days, there is a lot of talk about Gen X, Millennials and other generational labels. Entire groups of people have been labelled according to birth year and it isn’t doing us any favors, especially not in business. In this episode, Jeremy Clopton, Director at Upstream Academy, shares his insights on the dangers of labeling people in this way instead of looking at them as individuals, and focusing on the numerous benefits of having people of various ages, skills and experience working together. 

Jeremy Clopton, Director at Upstream Academy, has extensive experience in data analytics, fraud prevention, and business intelligence, but his real passion is going beyond providing the services clients ask for and helping them determine what they need for future success. A dynamic and insightful presenter, Jeremy speaks both in the US and abroad at industry events. He believes in the potential of data and technology to transform firm practice management, leadership, and firm culture. He is also passionate about employee engagement and the value brought by each generation in the workforce.

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