A Look at How Personal Development Can Change the Face of Accounting

Many people think that accounting is a fairly static and unchanging profession. Numbers are numbers; facts are facts. But in this episode, Tim Jipping, CPA and CGMA, shares what led him to this career as well as his surprising discoveries about the importance of ongoing introspection, self-awareness and conscious personal development in enhancing his professional life.

Nothing from a professional standpoint makes Tim Jipping happier than serving clients and helping them achieve their goals. Tim is the owner of Journey Advisors & CPAs (formerly with Plante Moran) and is listed on CPA Practice Advisor as one of the top 40 CPAs under 40 years old in the accounting profession. He has written numerous articles on various topics in several journals and is the host of a podcast called The Journey View.

"The whole thing is the journey. You never get somewhere and stop, until you die." - Tim Jipping

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Tim’s winding journey from planning a career as an actor to becoming a CPA
  • Why the information gained from an accounting background can be beneficial for anyone, whatever your business.
  • A look at the AICPA Leadership Academy and how it can benefit both you and your business
  • Important concepts that make a solid team
  • How introspection and continuing education can be empowering personally and in business
  • What The Whole Person Project was and how it led to significant changes in the firm
  • The philosophy at Journey Advisors & CPAs and the powerful ways in which leveraging technology helps them better serve their clients
  • Tim’s definition of “innovative” as it pertains to the mindset of his firm
  • Why Tim has no “goals” for his business and how this benefits him both personally and professionally
  • Why Tim has stopped having expectations of what he should do or be and how this has impacted his life

Featured on the Show:

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