Pre-Conference Workshop


Starting with the following three accelerators for advisory that Sean will lead you through in this workshop, you can transform your practice into one that serves the clients YOU want to serve, including high net worth entities and individuals providing proactive, highly valuable advice. 

ACCELERATOR 1 is matching your passion with your strengths. The key here is to recognize that while knowing and developing your strengths is important, finding and staying true to your passion is even more critical. 

ACCELERATOR 2 is to identify who you are going to help. Sean will show you how to give yourself permission to let go of your current client profile if you desire so you can clearly identify the clients you can serve effectively and from a place of fulfillment instead of burnout. 

ACCELERATOR 3 is to create your business plan. For many people, a business plan lives in their head in pieces and parts which, unless we aggregate them in a written and cohesive form, we don’t achieve the focused transformation we are seeking. Plus, a business plan is an ongoing process as you will learn in this Chief Proactive Advisor Master Class. Sean will guide you through a planning process including how to carve out committed time for “Work on the Business Days.” 

Learning Objectives

• Understand how to structure an advisory practice based on your own definition of advisory, life and work goals, and the clients you want to serve.

• Create a business plan to achieve your objectives and to support your short- and long-term goals.

• Learn how you can use advisory to maximize profitability including leveraging technology.

• Develop a deeper relationship with your clients and accelerate your own personal growth

Sean Duncan

Meet the Host of our Workshop

Sean M. Duncan

President & Founder of SMD Consulting & Accounting LLC

Founder of Chief Proactive Advisors, LLC