Looking for a new accounting podcast series to sink your teeth into? For excellent advice and insight into the accounting world, look no further than this list of accountingish podcasts. Some of our choices dive into practice management techniques for today’s accounting firms and leaders, some dive into technical content, but all should entertain and give you that much-needed break you’re looking for. 

Accounting Today Podcast

The Accounting Today podcast is focused on delivering advice and best practices for accountants struggling with modern trends and challenges. There are few other podcasts that are as focused on the now as the Accounting Today podcast.

For insight and perspective on the state of the accounting profession, join host and Accounting Today editor Daniel Hood for this fast-paced podcast series!

Close the Books

Closing the books” is a phrase that every accountant should be very familiar with. This selection isn’t so much a podcast as it is a podcast “snack,” but the nearly 12-minute recording comes with an inspirational message on how to apply this concept to your personal life.

Close the Books is part of the Good Life Project and is about learning to let go, move on, and look toward the future… “closing the books” in a sense. While this recommendation certainly puts the “ish” in accountingish, we enjoyed it all the same.

Cloud Accounting Podcast

The Cloud Accounting Podcast speaks directly to leaders of client accounting services (CAS) practices, outsourced accounting practices, and VCFO practices who are looking to improve their financial and accounting processes by utilizing the latest technology. Accounting technology has come a long way in recent years, specifically cloud-based accounting.

True to its name, the Cloud Accounting Podcast speaks in depth about how cloud technology is changing the game in several industries, including accounting of course.

In addition to cloud-based accounting technology, hosts of this podcast series, Blake Oliver, CPA, and David Leary also discuss other topics like accounting and finance apps, remote work, marketing, and much more!

The THRIVEcast

THRIVE is a well-known platform for CPAs where they can come together to build community, collaborate with one another, solve problems, and plan for the future of the accounting industry. THRIVE’s monthly podcast, the THRIVEcast, is one of the best accounting podcasts on the internet.

The THRIVEcast is an entertaining, informative, and exciting journey into the nitty-gritty of the accounting industry. With help from the THRIVEcast, you can improve your accounting processes and gain more insight into the changes on the horizon!

Journal of Accountancy Podcast

The Journal of Accountancy Podcast is dedicated to discussing current and potential challenges to CPAs and the accounting profession as a whole. Truly one of the most in-depth and forward-thinking accounting podcasts, this one is perfect for seasoned accountants.

Sage Advice Podcast

The Sage Advice Podcast is a podcast that delivers… well, sage advice! In the Sage Advice Podcast, thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs throughout a variety of industries share their stories, as well as what they have learned over the years.

The team behind the Sage Advice Podcast wholeheartedly believes that, as long as entrepreneurs continue to innovate and share their knowledge, creativity will never die. They hope to “energize the success of businesses around the world” through imagination and technology.

The Unique CPA

Since 2019, Tri-Merit’s very own Randy Crabtree, CPA, has hosted the bi-weekly “The Unique CPA,” podcast, which ranks among the world’s 10% most popular programs (Source: Listen Score). The show is dedicated to bringing you the stories of CPAs and accounting thought leaders that are breaking barriers and challenging long-established norms found within the accounting industry.

The podcast reveals how some of the most interesting people within public accounting have diversified their revenue streams and gained an edge by using new firm management techniques and strategies.

Randy’s infectious interview style can be likened to a kid in a candy store as he and his guests talk tax, partner succession, and occasionally, exchange notes about their favorite craft beers.” 

At nearly forty episodes strong, Randy shows no signs of slowing down! Look no further than The Unique CPA for interviews with incredible leaders and expert advice on how to succeed in the accounting industry.

The Unique CPA Podcast is available on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

What’s Your “And”?

The What’s Your “And”? podcast is the signature podcast from corporate culture consultant, John Garrett. John bills himself as a recovering Big 4 CPA,  and this monster of a podcast series is approaching 400 episodes, so you are bound to find a topic or a speaker that calls out to you. Check out the episode where John interviews Randy Crabtree.

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