As a Project Administrator for Tri-Merit, Jessica works directly with Tri-Merit’s Directors and clients to organize and analyze client data to formulate in-depth technical reports relating to the R&D tax credit.

Jessica has been with Tri-Merit since 2018 and brings more than 15 years of engineering and manufacturing experience.

Prior to joining Tri-Merit, Jessica worked with Autocam as a customer development engineer where she managed Tier II supplier accounts from concept to completion. Prior to that she worked as an automotive account manager for Shin-Etsu Polymer America where she managed projects from concept to completion while focusing on cost, quality and continuous improvement throughout the process.

Jessica holds a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Systems from GMI Engineering & Manufacturing Institute (now Kettering University).

Industry Specializations: automotive, manufacturing, software development, technology, engineering services

Fun Fact: Jessica’s hobbies include Polish dancing and softball, both of which she enjoys with her two daughters. Her retirement goal is to become a senior power lifting champion.