Alex is a licensed attorney with a Master of Laws in Taxation and an MBA. He provides R&D tax credit services to clients throughout Southern California and Oregon.

Prior to joining Tri-Merit, Alex spent five years at Ernst & Young in Seattle, Washington where he specialized in business tax advisory and quantitative tax services. During his time there, Alex was fortunate to work with several of the largest technology and services corporations on the West Coast (if not the world), conducting R&D credit advisory and tax work. Alex also enjoyed connecting with leaders of various West Coast startups and small businesses, all of whom were interested in pursuing the R&D tax credits available to them. Alex recognized that the Big 4 firms lacked the flexibility to cater to the diverse needs of these businesses. At Tri-Merit, Alex looks forward to providing the level of care and attention these businesses require in the dexterous fashion that Tri-Merit is known for.

Alex completed his MBA at California Baptist University, his JD at the University of Idaho College of Law, and a Master of Laws in Taxation from the University of Washington School of Law. He is a member of the Kansas Bar Association, American Bar Association and American Mensa. When not providing R&D tax credit services, Alex enjoys surfing, softball, camping, happy houring and whitewater rafting.

Fun Fact: While guiding whitewater trips on the Snake River outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Alex was fortunate to guide members of the cast and crew of the television show “Modern Family” on a whitewater trip. Alex was able to parlay that encounter into a cameo role on Dude Ranch, Episode 1, (Emmy winning) Season 3 of “Modern Family.”